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Let us help you become BIM compliant. Call 01606 374977



Let us help you become BIM compliant. Call 01606 374977

Why BIM?

Like it or not BIM is here to stay.

In May 2011 the UK Government called for BIM adoption on UK government construction projects of £5 million and over.

In June 2011 the UK Government published it’s BIM strategy announcing an intention to require collaborative 3D BIM on all projects by 2016, and In April 2016, the UK Government published a new central web portal as a point of reference for the industry for BIM Level 2

BIM is not only being used for Government projects but has developed into a standard way of working across the UK. Today ALL contractors are expected to be capable of working to this methodology to be eligible to supply their services as part of the supply chain.

What is BIM?

You’ve heard of BIM but not quite sure exactly WHAT it is?

BIM is not a product. It is not hardware or software you can buy off the shelf.

BIM is a methodology tailored to support collaborative working between stakeholders who share construction project data within a Common Data Environment CDE.

Information is produced, shared, utilised and stored in various formats.

A federated multi-service co-ordinated 3D Model is used as a graphical representation of the proposed construction. The 3D model also contains intelligent structured data about the asset. This data can then be utilised between the contracted participants within the project team as a powerful communication tool ensuring a smooth process throughout the entire life-cycle of an asset.

How ActionCAD can help you

Whether you are Tier 1, 2, 3 or 4 we can help large or small business make the first steps towards working in a BIM environment.

ActionCAD can assess your current situation and advise you if in fact your are already BIM Level 2 compliant. If not, then advise you what you need to do to become BIM Level 2 compliant. If your business is already working to the criteria laid out by the government identified in the PAS 1192 series of documents we can help you collate the evidence required to prove your capability.

We will help you identify your team according to PAS 1192-2 and develop BIM Documents such as…

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BIM for Large companies

If your business is already working to the criteria laid out by the government identified in PAS 1192-2 we can help you collate the evidence required to prove your capability. Once you have this evidence you can then take the next step and gain BIM Certification through a UKAS accreditation organisation. This enables you to advertise the fact that you are Independently Certified to BIM Level 2.

Let us help you make the first step so call or email us with your questions, for more information or to arrange a meeting.

BIM for SMEs

If you are a Small or Medium Enterprise you are still expected to meet the criteria laid out by the government identified in PAS 1192-2 to prove your BIM competence.

If you are part of a supply chain you will now have to demonstrate to your customers that you understand the level of collaboration required on BIM projects. You will be expected to fill in a BIM Capability Disclosure Form and this will ensure you become a Preferred Supplier putting you in a better position than your competitors.

Let us help you make the first step so call or email us with your questions however trivial, for more information or to arrange a meeting.

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About Us

Sharon Wilde

Sharon Wilde

Bim Consultant

I have always worked hard to develop my skills in the right direction to keep up with ever changing technology within the design/drawing office.

I was trained (the old fashioned way) in ink on the drawing board. Having a talent for Art my Art teacher pointed me in the direction of Draughtsmanship. Being a very male environment it was difficult to break into once I had done my initial training. So being young and enthusiastic I went to work abroad in Holland in 1983 where I found that it was more acceptable for females to work in engineering. I spent 5 years developing my drafting skills with the added bonus of also being trained on CAD systems. When I returned to the UK it was in the early stages of the CAD evolution. I was in my element!

I started up a Computer Aided Drafting Service called ActionCAD and began teaching AutoCAD at various colleges across the North West. I wanted to help old hand drawing board veterans lean this new skill in order to prolong their employment duration and young people starting from scratch. Having worked in the industry from the days before CAD I understood the problems some people might face when having to convert to a completely different way of producing drawings. I also wanted to stress the importance of drawing office standards to those who did not have any engineering drawing experience.

I want to continue to aid and assist individuals or any business that needs support and/or inspiration to move on the next step however big or small it may be.

The journey so far from Drawing Board to 2D CAD through to 3D BIM has been eventful and so may it continue.

Old Ways Won’t Open New Doors

Rob Kehoe

Rob Kehoe

BIM Consultant

Rob has undergraduate degrees in both engineering and science and is a BRE Certified BIM Professional.

After a mechanical engineering apprenticeship and several years as a maintenance fitter Rob undertook an honours degree in Mechanical Engineering at The University of Liverpool. On graduating in 1993 Rob also attained an Open University degree in Physics for which he had studied part time.

Fulfilling a childhood ambition to work in 'Big Science' Rob secured employment with the Science and Engineering Research Council serving much of his 18 years there as a Protein Crystallography X-Ray Beamline Scientist.

In 2006 Rob moved back into engineering and cofounded ActionCAD Limited. Immediately he became very interested in BIM although it was only being used in the United States at the time...

“I could see its potential and it was my intention to introduce BIM into ActionCAD and embrace this work ethic as soon as possible so we were able to offer it to our clients”

It proved to be the right thing to do and now ActionCAD are able to assist anyone who needs to adopt BIM in line with the UK Government mandate.

“You never stop learning because life never stops teaching”

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